The Plush Club was conceptualized by me with a dream to have the softest textured clothing for babies. As a mother of a new born baby, I can empathize with every other parent and realize how important it is for parents to give their baby the very best in everything life can offer.

In such a search for everything “very best” for our baby, we rigorously tried and tested a multitude of fabrics to bring our baby the softest material he could be draped in. That is when we realized the merits of bamboo fabric for baby clothing. The soft texture and the 'Plush' feel of the fabric convinced us of the softness embedded in this beautiful fabric.

At the same time that we researched for softness, we also were thinking for ergonomic and simple designs for clothes that aid quick nappy changes.

After a lot of iterations on the perfect design and fabric, we came up with the designs for our comfort yet elegant looking baby clothes.

We also customize our clothes for engraving of your little ones names or initials.

If you have any questions or wish to contact us, please feel free to send us an email on